Rector Message

  1. Founding Rector,
  2. Chairman Board of Governors,
  3. BRAINS Institute Peshawar.
  4. Chairman BRAINS Education Foundation.
  5. Secretary General, Chamber of Education,
  6. Member Senate, The University of Peshawar.
  7. Founding Focal Person,
  8. The Street/State Children (Zamung Kor) GoKP
  9. Member Board of Governors, Frontier Education Foundation

The story of BRAINS offers an interesting reading for more than two decades of its dedicated services which enabled our youth to confidently enter into the modern age of Information Technology. It takes a lot of institutional effort on part of our management for sponsorship of merit, professionalism and knowledge culture.

“Knowledge we assemble and disseminate”, “commitment to excellence” “Opening Minds, Building Futures” remained the glowing slogans which continuously fueled

our passion for achieving the best in the areas of education, training, software development and students counseling.

By the grace of Allah (SWT), this journey brought about the development of BRAINS from a small scale IT organization into a leading degree awarding institute which has to its credit the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees along with a number of international certifications, being offered in collaboration with reputed universities, boards, corporate bodies, civil society, the government and international agencies.

By the grace of Almighty we have been awarded the status of HEI by the government of KP through an act of KP assembly, while HEC has awarded us the recognition. We plan and strive to continue with our values of innovation, market orientation and most importantly of excellence. In the backdrop of fast paced technological advancements, competitive job market and demanding international economic conditions our institutions are faced with a herculean task to adjust themselves for preparing our youth who are up to the task amid all the challenges. Mindful of the role of the institute to shape futures in response to such challenges, the management of BRAINS has decided to lead with a spirit of non-profit institution and make quality education accessible to all sections of the society. In this regard the up gradation of BRAINS to a Degree Awarding Institute for launching of new programs in IT, management, engineering, and allied sciences with a magnanimous Talent Hunt Scholarship Scheme is a giant stride in the direction. Moreover, the establishment of Hope Academy for the Street Children in Peshawar city in collaboration with Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT) UK and the Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provesour commitment to the cause of education with exemplary social responsibility. To see this institution as a model par excellence and foster leadership in all walks of life, I call upon all members of the faculty, staff, students and alumni to join hands and give their best.

Wishing you a prosperous journey.