Rules and Regulations of Scholarship:

Financial aid to students, in limited number, is provided through a number of means,which includes merit scholarship, need-basedscholarships,etc.Scholarship is only provided to students who seek admission in the undergraduateprogramme.Following are the rulesfor merit and need based scholarships.

Scholarships are classified into three main categories:

A.Merit Scholarships

B.Need Based Scholarships

C.Workers Welfare Fund,Ihsaas,HEC need-based scholarships and others as per policy of the donor/sponsoring agency.

Note: The scholarship of Workers WNelfare Fund includes free education ie tuition fee,transport facility,hostel facility and pocket money,etc

  • Scholarships/fee concession may be granted in either admission fee or tuition fee or both.
  • Registration,examination and promotion fees do not fall under scholarship.
  • Scholarship granted in the 1st semester shall not necessarily be considered applicable for all the coming semesters.

Continuation of scholarship after the 1″ semester will be governed by the following policy


A.Merit Scholarship

Students with 80% or above marks will get 30% tuition fee waiver for the first semester.

Merit scholarship will be continued in the upcoming semester only if the scholarship holder scores a minimum SGPA 3.20 (75% marks orabove) and he has attended 75% of the classes of the current semester.

A.Need Based Scholarship

Fee discount on need basis is available to students who submit applications during the admission process. Minimum criteria for award/continuation need based scholarship are GPA 2.5.

All applications for fee discount under this head will be decided on case to case basis by a Committee constituted for the purpose.TheCommittee may require face to face interview with the student/applicant concerned.


  • The need based scholarship will be continued for the same student in the next semester only if he gets 2.5 GPA (66 marks or above) andhas 75% attendance in the existing semester.
  • In case a student stands first in the class with minimum GPA 3.5 (80% or above marks) and 75% attendance in the existing semester, hewill be eligible for 25% waiver in tuition fee for the next semester.

Existing scholarship holders will not be eligible for another scholarship during the same semester.

  • Children of BRAINS employees will be eligible for 50% discount in tuition fee.

Students who are granted admission in BRAINS on the recommendations of the Scholarship Promotion Organization (SPO) will be eligiblefor “Need-Based Scholarship” under the prescribed terms and conditions.

Students of BRAINS Institute ; who are aspiring for admission into DIT at the BRAINS College, will be eligible for 25% discount in tuition fee.