BRAINS Institute

Pro-Rector's Message

Sultan Mahmood Tiwana

History is witness to rise and fall of nations. These ups and downs in the fortunes of the nations are due to changes in their stock of wealth. This stock is majorly dependent upon the labor out-put or stated otherwise, is a reflection of the quality of manpower. The biggest contributor to the quality of manpower is the education and training. It is a universal truth that education is almost always the primal force, creating the difference between the leading nations and the laggards, other being the social justice and equity. Conversely speaking, the material gaps in the stock can always be accounted for and compensated by improved labor efficiency, through training, capacity building and education.

Social scientists and thinkers have always rated education as the key investment in the nation building and more so now in the context of Knowledge economy, investment in education is looked upon as an imperative for growth and development. In the recent past the world has experienced huge changes, particularly in terms of its interaction with each other, breaking new grounds, distances have started to vanish with advent of mixing of internet and mobile technology, and the contours of the current world seem to be defined by the fast pace of technological changes. What we are witnessing today is a complete breakdown of the spatial barriers between nations and amongst their peoples. Technology is not only credited with improved quality of life, it is also responsible for uniting the mankind, in a Global village. If we want to remain part of this world and are to take our due place amongst the comity of the nations, nothing but education can lead us to that. At BRAINS, we believe that the responsibility of leading the nation lies in the hand of those who wield the pen. I, therefore call upon all the faculty, students and alumni of the BRAINS to understand and respond to this calling. May Allah be our witness and deliverer in this most important task.

BRAINS is one of the pioneers in this province for the last 24 years or so and will now provide a platform for launching our students to reach for specialization in various fields of technologies.