BRAINS Institute

Civil Technology Overview

Infrastructure development is a booming field. It continues to witness expansion at explosive rates. New roads, buildings, housing projects, airports and high risers emerge every now and then. With aging infrastructure needs care and maintenance. These lie within purview of a civil engineer.
Civil engineering technologist is trained to build. Infrastructure development is a complex task. It is safety critical as well. Bad design can cost lives so does bad execution of the design. A Civil engineering technologist oversees execution of the building design, be it a housing project or a high riser or a bridge. The abundance of the projects in this sector ideally places a civil engineering technologists in the booming market. Pakistan is developing country with a lot still to be done in terms of civil structures and housing projects, which it faces an acute shortage. Thus the trend of the demand of a civil engineering technologist does not seem to subside in considerable future as well.