BRAINS Institute

BRAINS Education Foundation Introduction

Brains Education Foundation (BEF) is a Not for Profit,non-political organization. Brains Education Foundation is registered under Societies' Act 1860 on 29th June 2015. The parent organization,Brains Institute Peshawar started working in 1993 as a Private Institute, formally working as an AOP and later got registered as Brains Education Foundation in 2015. Its main purpose of establishment is to bring change in the quality of life of vulnerable communities particularly minorities, women and children. Brains Education Foundation (BEF) main goal is to empower youth through providing formal & non formal education, skills trainings and social mobilization. Brains Education Foundation (BEF) since its inceptions is focused upon the promotion of quality education, health & hygiene, human resource development and empowerment of communities through participatory approach. Brains Education Foundation (BEF)wants to engage people at grassroots level to protect their basic rights through individual and group action together in endurable and unified way through sustainable natural resource management and livelihood security, awareness and promotion of appropriate technology. Furthermore, Brains Education Foundation (BEF) wants to contribute for perpetual empowerment of youth and society through inception of a Degree Awarding Institute.

BRAINS Institute

BRAINS Institute, Peshawar, a recently established subsidiary of the BEF, is a Degree Awarding Institute, chartered by the Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and recognized by the Higher Education Commission, HEC as well as Higher Education Regulation Authority (HERA), and other National and international bodies. Brains Institute is markedly different by virtue of its living commitment to promote professionalism, social change and hence the establishment of the following dedicated centers with highly qualified staff and other requisite facilities.
1. School of IT & Telecom
2. School of Management Sciences
3. School of Engineering and Technologies
4. School of Commerce, Accounting and Finance
This is in addition to the existing facilities catering to development of youth and the communities as follows;
5. BRAINS Software Enterprise
6. BRAINS Cisco Networking Academy
7. BRAINS School of English Excellence

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BEF Vision

We endeavor to establish a peaceful society and provide an educated environment to communities where human values will be considered, respected, honored and exercised without any religious, ethnicity, and gender discrimination.

BEF Mission

To educate people at grassroots levels and empower them consequently so that they may be willing to contribute in peace building and to help those who are besieged to coexist peacefully.

BEF Objectives

To establish, promote, run, manage and maintain educational institutions, universities for the promotion and advancement of education in the country with national and international affiliations.